31 Days of Horror: My Bloody Valentine (2009)


31 Days of Horror continues with the horror remake, My Bloody Valentine. Horror remakes are a common thing in movie theaters these days. It’s rare that a fresh perspective on the genre emerges and becomes a new staple in American horror cinema (yes, there’s the Saw franchise, but that started a while ago). In fact, it’s become so rare that now Hollywood is remaking horror flicks that had only moderate success their first time around.

Enter My Blood Valentine, a remake of the 1981 slasher of the same name. The story takes place in the small town of Harmony, where 22 people were brutally murdered by Harry Warden a psychotic miner. On the tenth anniversary of the massacre, another serial killer appears in full miner gear killing citizens of Harmony in sadistic and creative ways.

Is it Harry Warden come back from the dead? Is it someone else? Is that the old guy who plays John Locke’s father on Lost? And what’s with the midget who runs the hotel?

This is a pretty decent slasher flick. Plenty of creative and elaborate kills and lots of blood and gore. I didn’t see it in theaters, but for those who did, many were able to see it in 3-D. The opening credits sequence that lays out the backstory is visually stunning and would have been cool to see on the big screen in 3-D.

I was also impressed with how many red herrings and plot twists the story contained. There were a few moments where I thought for sure one person was the killer, but that thought soon dissipated when they too met a gruesome death.

My Bloody Valentine pulls no punches and delivers what you expect from a slasher flick. The killer, complete with a ventilation mask that covers his face and a pick axe, is one dude you do not want to see headed toward you. Unlike some faceless killers in films, this guy will chase after you in order to achieve his goal: killing you.

My Bloody Valentine is a lot of fun. While it may not be a classic, it’s a nice addition to any Halloween movie marathon.

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