Groovin Blocks – Wii Review

Groovin Blocks

If you’re white, don’t play this game. Yes this game actually requires you to keep beat so if you’re like me, you’ll have some major problems trying to unlock levels.

When you first start up the game, you’ll automatically think of Tetris. Instead of rotating the blocks you’ll be focusing on the color of the blocks. Each shape is made up of several blocks that are different colors. The shapes fall down the grid as you try to match the colors from each shape. If you get enough matches that are touching each other you’re blocks will disappear and you’ll earn some points. Additionally you’ll need to follow the beat of the music if you want to earn double the points.

There is multiplayer where you can compete against a friend sitting next to you for the highest score.

Visually speaking this game is very bland. The beats of the music are just colored lines that run in the practically non-existent background designs. The block colors are probably the most vivid colors you’ll get in this game.

The music is pretty lacking and not very exciting. For a game that emphasizes following the beat of the game, having bad music is just plan cheap.

The only thing that crossed my mind when I played Groovin Blocks was that it should be a WiiWare title rather than a retail title. Low and behold it already is. You can download that version for 800 points ($8). This ‘beefed up’ version costs $20. To be quite honest the new features in this retail version don’t really make it worthwhile to pay extra. I’d recommend downloading Groovin Blocks from WiiWare if you’re into these types of games. It is a fun title in small doses.

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