EA Site: Left 4 Dead 2 Coming For PS3… NOT!


EA’s official site said that there’s a version of Left 4 Dead 2 scheduled for the PS3. And then it disappeared. Read on to find out if a poltergeist is involved.
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Left 4 Dead 2 announced at E3

Valve continues its brain eating ways on the PC and Xbox 360 by announcing Left 4 Dead 2 at E3. With a new game, comes new infected towns and new survivors trying to run from the zombie onslaught.

Left 4 Dead 2 has some new survivors

Valve continues its brain eating ways on the PC and Xbox 360 by announcing Left 4 Dead 2 at E3.¬† With a new game, comes new infected towns and new survivors trying to run from the zombie onslaught.¬† According to Valve, the game will have the survivors fighting through five campaigns, starting¬† in Savannah, Georgia, thru the bayou country and ending up in one of New Orleans’ most famous landmarks, the French Quarters.

According to IGN.com, L4D2 will come with new melee weapons, (frying pan, bats, fireman axes, and chainsaws!) a new zombie, (the Charger) new weapons ( silenced submachine gun, a new assault rifle, scoped assault rifle, and more) and a new director that Valve is calling AI Director 2.0.

AI Diretor 2.0 will allow changes in weather, world object, changes in a players pathway, so you may never take the same path twice, more strategic zombie placement and populations, music mixes and sounds effects based on how well the player is doing.

The new survivors (Nick the flashy dreser, the beutiful Rochelle, Ellis the Mechanic, and the big black powerhouse, Coach) will be ready to fight this fall as Valve has announced the game will be coming out this year on November 17th.

Here’s the E3 Trailer in HD

No Half-Life 2: Episode Three at E3!

Eli and Alyx

Yesterday was a time to be excited when news hit the Internet that a slew of titles will be appearing at E3 that demand excitement. Among these was Half-Life 2: Episode Three, perhaps the most-delayed of all the Half-Life 2 titles. Valve wants to release a Half-Life 2 episode every year, and going by the record, I don’t think they’re going to make it this year either, thanks to this news.

News just in that Doug Lombardi, the marketing director confirmed that Half-Life 2: Episode Three will not be appearing at this year’s E3. According to him, the inclusion of the game’s title in several E3 lists, such as E3.net was a “misprint”. Well, we’re glad that got of the way fast. No point in waiting all the way till E3 and then asking Valve “Where the hell is the episode you promised?” only to feel Valve’s look of confusion and rage.

But E3 or not, I think it’s about time Valve dishes out some info on Episode Three, like at least when they plan to release it, or whether they even have started work on it! What is surprising is that Valve’s plate is currently clean with only one title in the works, Left 4 Dead (which was the result of Valve’s acquisition of Turtle Rock Studios). Left 4 Dead is scheduled to release in November this year. Maybe we’ll get a teaser trailer with it? Maybe we’ll have some news by then? We can only hope.

Steam Cloud: save your savegames online forever!

Steam Cloud

Valve continues to impress with every one of its announcements! We heard of Steamworks a few months ago, which has made professional video game publishing within everyone’s free hands. Now Valve announces Steam Cloud, a revolutionary service that will allow you to store savegames and configuration files online; that is, forever.

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