Left 4 Dead 2 announced at E3

Left 4 Dead 2 has some new survivors

Valve continues its brain eating ways on the PC and Xbox 360 by announcing Left 4 Dead 2 at E3.  With a new game, comes new infected towns and new survivors trying to run from the zombie onslaught.  According to Valve, the game will have the survivors fighting through five campaigns, starting  in Savannah, Georgia, thru the bayou country and ending up in one of New Orleans’ most famous landmarks, the French Quarters.

According to IGN.com, L4D2 will come with new melee weapons, (frying pan, bats, fireman axes, and chainsaws!) a new zombie, (the Charger) new weapons ( silenced submachine gun, a new assault rifle, scoped assault rifle, and more) and a new director that Valve is calling AI Director 2.0.

AI Diretor 2.0 will allow changes in weather, world object, changes in a players pathway, so you may never take the same path twice, more strategic zombie placement and populations, music mixes and sounds effects based on how well the player is doing.

The new survivors (Nick the flashy dreser, the beutiful Rochelle, Ellis the Mechanic, and the big black powerhouse, Coach) will be ready to fight this fall as Valve has announced the game will be coming out this year on November 17th.

Here’s the E3 Trailer in HD

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  1. I cannot wait!! The new ‘melee’ combat system looks amazing, not to mention how the story line will be more cohesive then it was in the first game!

    There was also talk of a brand new game mode, but Valve is being very hush hush about it…

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