PSP Go Unveiled


With E3 2009 beginning on Monday and the Sony conference on Tuesday, the Internet has jumped the gun and has revealed some of Sony’s major plans for its latest handheld gaming hardware called the PSP Go!

Watch the leaked handheld with its games in the video below:

That being said it looks like the PSP Go will not replace the current UMD version of the PSP. But lets be honest here if the PSP Go becomes a meager success then yes it will replace the older PSP model at some point. You’ll be able to watch films and TV shows that are available on the Playstation Network. (Ring a bell a la Zune HD?). Quick PSP Go specs: Bluetooth supported – 16 gigabytes – No UMD!

I’m excited for this new handheld unit, but I’ll wait to judge until Sony officially announces it on Tuesday.

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