E3 09 Preview: Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Left4Dead was a great game with a simple concept: survive the zombie infection. And the second game? Looks like the same concept, but same good old zombie head popping action. I only got a chance at one round, but I still had a lot of fun!

The new place of chaos: New Orleans. The environment in the demo is considerably brighter than the levels in the first game, but it still looks great and with a challenging layout with narrow corridors and a few wide open areas. The area that the demo was in looked familiar to the French Quarter, but I could be mistaken. But the architecture certainly had that feeling from New Orleans.

And of course there were 4 new survivors that you could play as. There weren’t any hints to as a back story that I could see or hear, but not that it matters much when you have a shotgun and a crowd of zombies. One thing I can say that seemed to stick from the old game: the iconic one liners seem to be back. From the little that I could hear on the show floor, it seemed as if lines similar to “Guns here!”. I’m just anxious to hear what the equivalent of “calling zombie bullshit” is!

The old zombies are back: the smokers, hunters, boomers, the witch and of course the tank. Trust me, they’re all back and there to kick our ass (me and my team learned that 1st hand when the Tank came and demolished us). Now, don’t think that they only stuck with the good old zombie crew. They also added at least one more: the Charger. The charger is similar to the tank in look, but with longer legs, it stands up straight a little more and  wears overalls. Now, even with its red neck look, its a scary thing to run into. Or, more of a scary thing to run into you. It will charge into you and your group scattering all of you into different directions. Now, after this, if you’re the unlucky one it will grab you by the shirt and begin slamming you into the ground. The only hope that you have is if your teammates come back for you and kill it. So try not to leave your teammates in the dust and screw yourself over!

The look of the weapons are better than before! They’re not your ordinary pistol that you can find anywhere. The developers seemed to go all out in creating cooler looking shotguns, pistols and machine guns. I couldn’t tell personally if there was any difference from the previous game, although I guess it would have helped if I noticed the upgrade weapons that were sitting next to the fountain. I guess that’s partially why I was the first one to die when the Tank came. Our cameraman J.D. did really well though since he was the last one up!

I’m looking forward to this new game, especially with expectations of new enemies on top of the one that was shown in the demo! There should be some good zombie hunting fun coming once the game comes out. So this is one more game added to my list of “to get” (this list is becoming rather long…).

Watch our E3 2009 Left 4 Dead 2 interview below:

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