Tech: GeForce GTX Titan Benchmarks: Real-World Gaming Performance

GeForce GTX Titan vs. MSI GTX 680 Lightning vs. HIS 7970 X. I also share some of my thoughts on the Titan, and I’d love to hear yours, too.

Livestream: CES 2013 Intel Press Conference

Live from Los Vegas at the 2013 International Consumer Electronic Show on Monday January 7 at 1pm PST will be the Intel Press Conference.

You can watch it right here on our livestream. On January 7 we’ll have plenty more CES 2013 conferences that you can watch on that page as well.

AMD cuts 10% of workforce


AMD the only processor maker who has a chance to rival Intel has announced they will be cutting 10% of the global workforce. This is down to a 15% drop in profits expected for Q1 so it’s purely a cost cutting measure. The 10% of the workforce means an expected 1,650 jobs gone.
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Intel’s “Larrabee” is a mutant CPU/GPU hybrid of doom

Larrabee details

Even though it was Intel’s 6-core monster that got all the attention, one little gem that missed out on the publicity a bit was Larrabee, Intel’s CPU-GPU hybrid or essentially a graphic card processor, or a processor graphic card, or something along those lines.

To find out more about this demonic hybrid, hit the jump!

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