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You could star in Intel & Toshiba’s social film called The Beauty Inside. I know every one of you out there wants to be the next big thing, well here’s a great and credible opportunity to showcase your acting skills.

Many of you might already begin to question your likelihood of being picked for the role. The great news is that multiple people will be selected because the character that you’ll be playing has an ever-changing appearance. If your still slightly confused watch the video below and it’ll explain more about the character:

As you can see Alex is a 20-something male, but with every day he wakes up with a new physical appearance. Alex keeps track of his life through his Toshiba Portégé Ultrabook which serves as his personal video journal.

The Beauty Inside is directed by Sundance-Award winning director Drake Doremus and stars Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Now that we’ve gotten your attention, lets talk about how to audition:
1. Go to facebook.com/thebeautyinsidefilm
2. Click on Audition Now
3. You can submit both videos as well as photos. Each have multiple categories for you to choose. You could audition for every slot if you wanted too, but mind you that you’ll only be featured once in the film.

Casting ends on September 13, 2012 so hurry it up and get your submissions entered now!

The first episode airs August 16th at 3:00pm PST on their Facebook page with several more episodes being released over those next five weeks.

This post is sponsored by Intel and Toshiba.

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