Sweet, More Deus Ex 3 Concept Art!

Aye, it’s Garbled Zombie, your local Deus Ex fanboy and chief editor of all things Deus Ex 3 on StuffWeLike. What arouses me from my slumber? It seems that Gamereactor got some brand new concept art for Deus Ex, and by it looks friggin’ sweet to my eyes.

There’s also a crumb of extra info, i.e. we learn that the protagonist of Deus Ex 3, Adam Jensen is a security chief for a biotech company called Sarif. The company is raided by men in black, and everybody without the name Adam Jensen are killed. And of course, it’s upto Adam to find out who did this, and why. One important piece of news we learn is that the game will come sometime in 2010. That’s 10 years after Deus Ex. Hot dayum.

And now, I analyse the concept art.

This one seems to be set in Paris, with the bridge up there labelled “Passerelle 01”. What I believe to be some sort of a cafe to the left uses a neon sign saying “Le Canne”, so I think that kind of confirms it. The “Connaught” sign down their highlights “aug”, signifying Augmentation. Possibly an augmentation-related advertisement? Then we see a postmodern building to the right, with the name “DWM”, which must be some sort of a corporation’s headquarters.

With Paris around, I’m guessing we may see the origins of the Silhouette. Maybe even explore Everett’s Illuminati and even see Beth DuClare alive! This sounds like fun.

This one is a little blurry, but it shows the Renaissance influence on the game. Nothing particularly remarkable here, but to the left there’s an information terminal (or maybe a security terminal) that’s reminiscent of the news terminals in Deus Ex. This one looks bulkier and integrated into the wall, so I guess it’s a natural progression. To the right, there’s a computer with a holographic display. Again, reminiscent of Deus Ex. This one appears to be a Star Wars-ish hologram, since it’s blue-tinted and kinda faded, whereas the ones in Deus Ex were exact and colourful. So at least that’s one step in the right direction.

This here is Shanghai, according to the PC Zone scans we found. It’s also pretty clear since there’s a dragon illustration to the bottom-left. On closer inspection, I think there’s supposed to be some sort of a transparent display there. Screenshot is mostly a standard cityscape, a little futuristic. The cool looking guy to the right may or may not be Adam Jensen. I kind of hope he is, but what the hell.

PC Zone Issue 200 Scans; Deus Ex 3 Info

I can’t believe I missed this! While I did get you the deal on what little info was found about Deus Ex 3, it looks like somebody got their hands on the actual magazine scans, which have been put up here. Okay, they’re not scans, they’re outright photos and pretty bad ones at that: most of the text seems to have been clipped out.

So we’ll have to do with the concept art/screenshots, and they are definitely some tasty eye candy. The Cyberpunk/Renaissance art design becomes visible here, though I think making NPCs wear 16-century-ish clothes is a little overkill. I love the environments, though.

Augmentations are a lot more “in your face” says the caption, and that they are. With what looks like direct prosthetics for your arms, you won’t find the subtlety of JC’s nanotechnology-enhanced augmentations. This goes with the story, since JC and Paul were the first test subjects in augmented agents.

The protagonist of Deus Ex 3, Adam Jensen appears to be an agent with mechanical mods, like Gunther Hermann or Anna Navarre from the original game. In any case, he looks pretty cyborg.As for the Biomods themselves, here’s what I found from the pages:

  • Claymore: A last resort when facing unsurmountable odds, Jensen’s body can emit thousands of (clipped)
  • Multi-Kill: When faced with multiple opponents, Jensen an unleash a combo of devastating martial (arts?) (clipped)
  • Bungee Jumping: Hurl yourself off the edge of a building and tentacles will shoot out of your (clipped)
  • Wall Punch: Can be used in conjunction with the visual augmentation (clipped)

Another bit of info that can be found is about Stealth and Hacking, both of which disappoint me greatly.

  • Stealth is also receiving a major revamp and will now utilize cover more than shadow as its primary function., with a Metal Gear Solid-style cone of vision mechanic (available only through augmentation) used to ascertain an enemy’s field of view.
  • Hacking is another area receiving a makeover, taking the form of RTS-style mini game in which you (vie with?) a (mainframe?) for the control of nodes (?) (clipped)

Okay, I’m totally not sure about this. An RTS-style mini game for hacking? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m also not comfortable with replacing the shadow-based stealth mechanic from the previous two games. Deus Ex had handled stealth without making it too technical, I’m not sure if Deus Ex 3 will be able to do it.

All in all, I’m both impressed and disappointed. Still, since its Deus Ex, I won’t be missing it. 😉