Warren Spector Wanted to Make More Deus Ex


Right about now, somebody somewhere is reinstalling Deus Ex.

Warren Spector may have now moved on to greater things, such as Disney’s Epic Mickey, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten all about the game that made him big- the game that thousands of PC gamers ferociously uphold to be the greatest game every made. Deus Ex.

Talking to Variety about what he was doing prior to taking up Epic Mickey, he describes a science-fiction project he had in mind set in the near future that was to be a “Deus Ex spiritual successor” (more beautiful words I have not heard).

“There were and still are ‘Deus Ex’ stories I would like to tell. That story is not done for me,” he says. “[For the sci-fi game] I sort of filed the serial numbers off. ‘Deus Ex’ was very much a game of the millennium.”

Spector even wanted to acquire the rights to Deus Ex, but Eidos wouldn’t let him have them. After all, Eidos had some other plans for the franchise. No use lamenting over what can’t happen, but really, what would a Deus Ex successor helmed by Warren Spector have been like? The stuff that dreams are made of?

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