Deus Ex 3 Appearing At E3 2009!


This interview by a French games blog confirms what I had always been praying for every night of the past year: Eidos Montreal is bringing Deus Ex 3 to E3 2009!

The dudes at conducted an interview with Deus Ex 3 developers Stéphane d’Astous and Andre Vu. Most of the questions were the usual stuff, how are you going to make up to fans after Invisible War, what Eidos Montreal is trying to do in the future etc.

What caught my interest though, is that when they asked whether the game will appear at this year’s E3, d’Astous confirms that it will, which sends thousands of fanboys into delirious fits all across France (and for anyone with sophisticated modern translation technology, like so).

Great, sounds like this year’s E3 is going to be a blast with plenty of awesome games to look out for. And by that, I mean just Deus Ex 3.

Let’s hope we actually see some real dope this time and not some flashy cryptic trailer with two hundred images played in two seconds (although that was probably one of the most awesome teaser trailers I’ve ever seen).

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