Freakazoid! – Season 2 – DVD Review


God, I love this show! By far one of the best cartoons in the Warner Bros. line-up of the 1990s, Freakazoid! Is equal parts insanity, lunacy, wackiness, and all around frenetic fun times. And season two is no exception.

With its non-linear storytelling, bizarre cutaways to random film clips, and crazy dialogue, the series had to have some influence on the storytelling style of Family Guy and that shows that populate Adult Swim. It’s an energized half-hour (or 20 minutes, at times) that keeps the laughs and antics coming at a rapid-fire pace.

The series, which was ahead of its time in terms of using cyberspace as a storytelling device, brings even more to the table in season two. While the episodes are full-length stories and not minisodes, this is a strength that was missing from the previous season. Mainly because many of the minisodes last season were random and at times unfunny.

But that’s not the case when Freakazoid is around. Along with his sidekick, Sgt. Cosgrove (voiced by Ed Asner who can be heard in Disney’s Up this summer), the two save the day from a barrage of goofy villains including the Lobe and Freakazoid’s nemesis Guitierrez (voiced by the late Ricardo Montalban).

One of the highlights of shows like Freakazoid!, The Simpsons, Family Guy, or American Dad is hearing established and professional actors say silly things. And Montalban’s dialogue is truly a delight to hear. Also look for a cameo by film critic Leonard Maltin.

If you like Freakazoid! or are a fan of twisted animation, then this series is a definite must buy! It’s a lot of fun, entertaining, and most of the time it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

**Watch the credits for silly messages toward the end and a final clip before the Amblin Entertainment logo!**

Freakazoid! Season 2 (the show itself) = A++
Special Features = B.

Here’s a link to David’s video review of Freakazoid! Season 1! Here’s the link.

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