Czech Site Reveals More Deus Ex 3 Details


Some new details about the AI and the story!

The guys from over at Eidos Forums found a Czech site that reveals some more info about Deus Ex 3 in their scoop.

About the story, we know that the primary theme will be about a form of racism between augmented people and non-augmented ones. The main villain of the story will be very similar to the protagonist, Adam Jensen.

As for locations, the site confirms that five metropolises will be included in the game, of which we know three: Detroit, Shanghai and Montreal (which must be the French location we saw in the previous screenshots). The interesting twist is, you can visit these locations in any order you like, kindof like in Knights of the Old Republic. Will that break up the linearity of Deus Ex?

The events in the game will lead to the formation of the UNATCO, where JC Denton from Deus Ex worked. Adam Jensen will also get his own apartment complete with photos of his past and what-not.

Women will play a more important role in the game than ever, which should add for some interesting story variety. No more details, other than what we already know.

In the Gameplay section, we know that the game will have a more “action spirit”. That does not mean action-oriented, but I suppose that means it will be faster and more identifiable to FPS fans. Not a wholly bad idea, in my opinion.

AI will be very intelligent, and will react to even subtle things such as you changing behaviour or weapons. Every squad will have an identifiable squad leader who will direct his team, so if you kill him, you’ll have your work cut out for you.

As for augmentations, X-Ray Vision will be included, one aug called “Claymore” will deliver a “crossfire explosion” and “multi-kill”, which kills 3-4 enemies in a “visually attractive” scene. Sounds cool!

Augmentations will be of four types: Combat, Stealth, Hacking & Lockpicking and Social. Combat and Stealth augs should be fairly obvious, but H&L and Social are definitely new. I’m especially curious about Social augmentations. How are they going to work, pheromone emitters?

Definitely exciting news!

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