Dragon Ball teaser trailer now online and the world cries

Watch this teaser trailer and tell me that this film isn’t the lowest budget piece of crap that you’ve ever seen! This is what happens when anime takes itself way too seriously. Yawn.

Sure this is just a teaser trailer, it is possible that they’re saving the best for last, but damn this was dull.

Dragon Ball Movie Footage

After months of anticipation, you can now slightly see what the first trailer for the Dragon Ball Movie will look like! It honestly looks like a high budget kungfu movie, which isn’t such a bad thing. ‘The Internetz’ have been saying that this trailer will be packed in with Max Payne.

Some damn cool cast manips for Dragon Ball Z: The Movie

The guys at Filmonic have gotten their hands on some really cool cast manips by someone called “xwolverine2” for the (seemingly dreadful) upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie. These are based on the recent announcement that Justin Chatwin will be Goku and James Marsters is Piccolo. Since Digg has decimated them, courtesy The Digg Effect, we’ve got the pics right here.


Goku with his son, Gohan

Goku - Photo Manip



Photo Manip - Picollo #1

Photo Manip - Picollo #2