Max Payne – Region 2 DVD Review


Max Payne is a movie based on a highly popular, some would say classic videogame. The story follows Detective Max Payne (Mark Wallberg) as he hunts for one of his wife’s killers in a vigilante quest. Continue reading “Max Payne – Region 2 DVD Review”

Max Payne 3 Officially Official, Coming This Winter


The most badass, metaphor-spewin’, bullet-timin’, shoot-dodgin’ cop may have retired from his job, but not from his games. Max is back, and a whole lot more cynical than ever.
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Max Payne Not a Payne-ful as You May Think


I’ve always been a little wary of movies based on video games. Maybe it’s the fact that most are directed by Uwe Boll, which usually means Rotten Tomatoes gets to make good use of their 00% every once in a while. Continue reading “Max Payne Not a Payne-ful as You May Think”

Dragon Ball Movie Footage

After months of anticipation, you can now slightly see what the first trailer for the Dragon Ball Movie will look like! It honestly looks like a high budget kungfu movie, which isn’t such a bad thing. ‘The Internetz’ have been saying that this trailer will be packed in with Max Payne.