PSP and Sky to launch GO View! in Europe


When Sony said they wanted to make the PSP and the Playstation 3 vital parts of the media hub they weren’t kidding.

Sony and Sky have launched a video download service called GO! View offering sports, films and range of Sky TV shows for the PSP, video-on-demand stylee. It’s the portable console’s first official video download service in Europe.

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The Makool Moustache Comb: tidy those loose whiskers


Now here’s a sight we don’t see much these days. It’s a bloke combing his moustache…with a comb!

In fact, have moustaches ever really taken off for young people? I suppose there’s the Justin Timberlake beard/tache combo, and Jonny Depps fine example of a whiskered man but that’s about it for popular influences.

If, however you decide to go the way of the furred lip then you could do worse than the Makool moustache comb, priced at $120.

If the sight of a man combing his beard with a comb is not one of true manliness, then I just don’t know what is. I just don’t.

Spotted at Brandish

The Mario Bros sound effects keyring


Who doesn’t love Super Mario Bros. Nobody! That’s who. And what better way to relive those feelings of nostalgia than with this super-duper cool sound effects keyring, complete with original Super Mario Bros sounds.

I’ve been in possession of one for a few weeks now, and don’t ever see myself tiring of it.

Sounds include:-

  • Coin grab
  • Level start
  • 1-up sound
  • Jump
  • Power up mushroom
  • Losing a life 

Get yours, here.

Military Exoskeleton-Robocop of the future?


It’s amazing how many cool things from movies about the future have come true such as motion-sensing technology, touch-screen monitors, and even things like having robotic pets such as Sony’s Aibo Dog.

Now it looks like another may come true thanks to the U.S military because they are developing an exoskeleton that will give the wearer superhuman strength.

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The Philips DCP951/37: catchy name…cool looks


It’s always good to see gadgets that look like they have a bit of style and substance, shame about the name though. It’s the Philips DCP951/37 Docking Entertainment System.

Gorgeously draped in a piano-black finish the player packs quite a fair amount of features to go with its 9-inch LCD screen and ability to play music and video from your iPod whilst charging it up.

Other features include:

  • Built-in SD/MMC card slot
  • Playback for DVD, DVD+/R and DVD+/-RW, (S) VCD, DivX and MPG4 formats
  • Rechargeable battery with enough time for up to 2.5 hours of video  

Want? Then head over to Amazon, where it can be yours for $199


LG T80: Look’s like the iPhone. But isn’t…


Why is it that more and more music players, personal media players and mobile phones look like the iPhone? Coincidence? Perhaps.

Anyway, here’s the latest iPhone lookalike. It’s the LG T80 personal media player. It comes in a black casing and has a battery life of around 2 hours if you feel the need to watch TV on it, or 5.5 hours if just watching downloaded videos. 

Other features include-: 

  •  3″ 420 x 240 resolution touch screen display
  • Support for MPEG, WMA, OGG, WAV, ASF, JPEG, TXT formats
  • DVB-T tuner  
  • Built-in microphone

  LG T80 PMP