Military Exoskeleton-Robocop of the future?


It’s amazing how many cool things from movies about the future have come true such as motion-sensing technology, touch-screen monitors, and even things like having robotic pets such as Sony’s Aibo Dog.

Now it looks like another may come true thanks to the U.S military because they are developing an exoskeleton that will give the wearer superhuman strength.

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Before you get too excited though, it won’t be anytime soon that they’ll be soaring through the air with jetpacks and lasers going pew pew pew.

The exoskeleton, otherwise know as XOS can sense the wearers movements and match them, meaning little effort is required on the wearers part. 

And It’s more likely to be used for moving around heavy equipment than taking out tanks two or three at a time, it can currently lift up to 90 kilos with very little effort.

But the miltiary hope future versions will be much stronger and may be deployed within eight years and will be able to carry heavy weapons for quicker supply lines to help soldiers in the future.

The XOS exoskeleton in action 


Author: Stephen Ebert

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