PSP and Sky to launch GO View! in Europe


When Sony said they wanted to make the PSP and the Playstation 3 vital parts of the media hub they weren’t kidding.

Sony and Sky have launched a video download service called GO! View offering sports, films and range of Sky TV shows for the PSP, video-on-demand stylee. It’s the portable console’s first official video download service in Europe.

Hit the full story for more juicy video details. 

Owen Jenkinson, Go! View Marketing Manager proclaimed:

“Go! View allows PSP users to take advantage of a unique service, adding another dimension to PSP’s offering”

“The opportunity to watch top TV and movies on-the-go and on-demand will allow PSP owners to enjoy their favorite entertainment on their own terms, enhancing the PSP’s offering as a portable gaming console.”

It will be available to Europeans on a subscription or pay-per-view basis, and once registered will be allowed to download vids from their PC straight to the not-so-pocket sized console.

Oh, and check out the cool website, here

Do it for the cute robots if nothing else. Takes a while to load though.

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