Review – South Park The Cult of Cartman: Revelations

Everyone knows South Park – so everyone also knows they “go too far” a lot. Personally, these days, I’m not offended by anything. And I believe most of young America feels the same way. I believe this is also why South Park is still flourishing after seasons and seasons of success.

I did not watch South Park from the get-go. What drew me in was the incredibly epic episodes. The two-parters and the cinematic storylines. South Park is doing more of these than ever. And this is especially true of the episodes featured on The Cult of Cartman dvd collection. Continue reading “Review – South Park The Cult of Cartman: Revelations”

Mac vs. PC vs. Linux

The inevitable sequel is here and it introduces a new character, LINUX! These hilarious South Park style characters imitate the Mac vs. PC commercials.I know the creator of these videos, Gabriel Schwarzer, and he was absolutely dumbfounded to to see the video take off as much as it did. Currently the original video found on YouTube has over 6 million views! If you can imagine the amount of money that he could have made if YouTube shared ad revenue with him, he’d have some nice dough!

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