Review – South Park The Cult of Cartman: Revelations

Everyone knows South Park – so everyone also knows they “go too far” a lot. Personally, these days, I’m not offended by anything. And I believe most of young America feels the same way. I believe this is also why South Park is still flourishing after seasons and seasons of success.

I did not watch South Park from the get-go. What drew me in was the incredibly epic episodes. The two-parters and the cinematic storylines. South Park is doing more of these than ever. And this is especially true of the episodes featured on The Cult of Cartman dvd collection.

The Cult of Cartman features twelve previously aired episodes, each meant to serve as example to one of the commandments in the Cult of Cartman- a mock religion lead by the devious young inhabitant of South Park, Colorado. Before each episode, Eric Cartman reads and explains one of his Commandments. An extra bonus to purchasing this dvd collection is finding out the date in which the world will end. Eric Cartman willingly tells us, and frequently reminds us that the end is, in fact, near.

Even as a new viewer to South Park, I can appreciate this great collection of episodes. The storylines include Eric Cartman acquiring his own theme park and banning from it everyone but himself; being ignored by his classmates and assuming he’s become a ghost; and going on a cross-country crusade to shut down the fox series ‘Family Guy.’

South Park’s humor is not for everyone. They openly mock religion, race, gender, and literally everything else in existense. But the way they do it, if viewed with an open mind and a readiness to laugh, is just plain great. They display true satire, and tell their stories incredibly well.

All I can say is if you like adult humor, you should buy The Cult of Cartman, get a group of friends together, and get ready to enjoy the world again- if only until 2012.

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