Mac vs. PC vs. Linux

The inevitable sequel is here and it introduces a new character, LINUX! These hilarious South Park style characters imitate the Mac vs. PC commercials.I know the creator of these videos, Gabriel Schwarzer, and he was absolutely dumbfounded to to see the video take off as much as it did. Currently the original video found on YouTube has over 6 million views! If you can imagine the amount of money that he could have made if YouTube shared ad revenue with him, he’d have some nice dough!

Even though I constantly complain about not receiving that much money for my videos, none of them have ever had 6 million views. Lets say that I’d be more than frustrated if I didn’t see anything going into my Paypal account…

In addition to not receiving revenue, YouTube took down the video for a long period of time because Paramount, the copyright holders of South Park, sent out a cease and desist letter. Probably the most amazing thing about this is that the video technically doesn’t infringe on any copyrights for what is and has been freely available. The video was made with South Park Studio and the characters Gabe made are original. YouTube eventually put the video back onto its site, but imagine how many views the video lost because YouTube took it offline!

It’s for these two reasons that Gabe moved over to Revver and is trying to see if magic can strike twice!

It’ll be an interesting case study to see what happens in the coming weeks, with the amount of views the video receives and the amount of ad revenue generated.

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