Obama Spider-Man issue #583

Obama Spider-Man

Here’s another Barack Obama collectible for everyone to enjoy, and this one actually worth buying. Obama will be featured in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #583.

In what Marvel is calling a ‘bonus story’, here’s the synopsis: while taking pictures at the inauguration Peter Park spots a Barack Obama double. The only way to figure out who the real Obama is for Spider-Man to play basketball. Apparently the real Obama is actually good at playing basketball, while the double ain’t got no moves.

This $3.99 special issue comes out on January 14th and is sure to be sold out everywhere.

I’m sure DC Comics is kicking themselves in the nuts right now for not coming up with such a simplistic storyline that will sell millions of comics. Bummer.

Michelle Obama’s $30,000 ring

All hail the $30,000 ring! According to The Daily Mail, the new First Lady will be receiving one major present this year. Barack Obama is giving this present as a ‘thank you’ for her support during the election. This Harmony ring is made of one the most expensive metals in the world, rhodium.

According to AOL, the Obama Press Office has gone off saying that this news piece is not true.

The question is who do you believe? Is this Obama’s first cover up as newly-elected President of the U.S. of A.?

Either way, this ring is stuff that we like.