Blast to the past


 DVD annoucements are not something we would normally cover but due to the tech nature of this one its worth mentioning. The second season of the CGI re-done episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series are going to be released on DVD. Not a HD/DVD combo edition as before but only on DVD.
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Blade: The Series – Jill Wagner Interview


To celebrate the DVD release February of Blade: The Series in the US we had the chance to talk to the lead actress in the show Jill Wagner.

Blade: The Series stars Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones as Blade the vampire hunter. Plus there is Jill Wagner as Krista Starr a newly turned vampire playing both sides and the head vampire Marcus Van Sciver played by Neil Jackson. Blade is supported by Shen (Nelson Lee) and Marcus has Chase (Jessica Gower).

How did you come to be in Blade: The Series?
My manager gave me the script on a Sunday. I auditioned for it on a Monday, callbacks were Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was the studio test and Friday was the network test. I found out Friday on my way home from the Network test that I got the part and that Sunday I moved to Vancouver to begin filming. It was quite fast process.

What did the audition entail?
Four scenes, a few with Blade (Sticky [Fingaz] read with me in the network test).

Tell us about your character Krista Starr.
She is a war vet. She is a bit of a tomboy and a lets just way she’s not afraid to run with the boys. She is hardened by the news of her brothers murder and seeks revenge. She could be seen as the victim in this series but I try to show her stronger side. She goes through an emotional roller coaster throughout the series. She was a great character to play.

Your character guides the audience through the world of Blade and the vampires. Did you find it hard to play someone torn between the two sides working for Blade and living with them?
Yes. I was always thinking as Krista and finding it hard to even smile at Marcus after what he had done. She leads two lives. Good and Evil.

Did you ever have second thoughts about being involved with a sci-fi show? Knowing sci-fi fans are more critical than other audiences?
No not at all, I have always loved sci-fi and the stunt work that comes with it really attracted me. I love to hear what the fans say…good and bad. Sometimes it helps me to think about certain things in a different light.

Do you have a favorite fight from the show?
Probably the last episode when I fight Chase.

Did you find it hard to do the action sequences the role required?

It’s said that you have a gun collection, did this help you prepare for a high action role?
Of course, however you never get fully comfortable with pointing a gun at someone or vice versa.

What was your funniest experience when filming the series?
Neil [Jackson] was carrying me out of the ritual room from the 1st episode and he forgot to turn my body to fit through the door and about took my head off. The set was silent until everyone heard me laugh, them the jokes poured in. Neil was always the funny one on set.

What are your best memories from making Blade?
Hanging out with the cast and crew on set from day to day. We had such an amazing group all around.

Is there a part of Krista’s past you wish had been covered more?
Yes, her life and experiences in the military. My dad was a marine (war vet) so I always wanted to play a character who had been in the military.

Were you familiar with the Blade franchise before the show? If so in what format: Comics/Movies?
I had seen and was a fan of the movies.

Are you a fan of any other vampire shows/movies/books?
Bram Stoker was my favorite.

The season ended in a cliffhanger. Could you tell us what you know about what was to be the second season’s storyline and how the cliffhanger was to be resolved?
I wish I could tell you. I knew nothing.

Are there any current plans for a second season?
I think there were some talks about having another TV movie that wrapped up the cliffhanger… not sure if that is still in talks though.

Do you know if you will be making a third appearance in Stargate: Atlantis, if so when can we expect it?
I believe so, have no clue when though, but as soon as I know I will post it on my Myspace page at

Do you have any upcoming projects?
A Sci-fi thriller movie called Splinter coming out in Jan or early Feb.

Blade: The Series – The Complete Series arrives on Region 1 DVD on February 12th. The pilot House of Chthon is available now on both Region 1 and 2 DVD.