Taken – DVD Review


While Taken has only recently been in US cinemas the DVD has just released in Europe. To coincide we this we thought it’s time to take a look at Liam Neeson playing the tough guy.

The story of Taken can be cut down to Liam Neeson is the father who’s daughter is living with his ex-wife. After agreeing to let her go alone to Paris with a friend his daughter gets kidnapped. What the kidnappers don’t realise it Neeson is someone serious, a man you don’t mess with, a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer, and he’s coming to get his daughter back personally.

The first thing to mention is Taken is a real Luc Besson movie. This means it’s like any film with Jean Reno or The Transporter (1) in that you have plenty of generic bad guys running about the place while the hero comes in and beats them half to death with Jackie Chan’s ease. This makes Taken a much more fun movie than Ransom to watch since there’s less crying and more hitting people. The surprise comes from a decent story which brings it all together which is gritty and realistic. There are a few points where the film lacks pace but for the most part if you’re an action fan or want a change from the usual kidnap movies then Taken is worth seeing since there is no over the phone deal making or soap opera involved. Take a trip with Liam Nesson in Taken, just don’t mess with him.

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