South Park – Season 12 – DVD Review


Even after twelve seasons, South Park is still as wild, offensive, and politically incorrect as ever. And that’s just fine with me! Despite its lengthy run, the series continues to produce fresh, irreverent, and outlandish stories that are laugh-out-loud funny episode after episode.

No topic is taboo for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which makes each storyline all the more interesting, edgy, and controversial. Whether it’s AIDS, breast cancer, rape, or politics, the series knows no bounds when it comes to taste and censorship.

God bless the First Amendment!

If you’re pressed for time and can only watch a handful of eps, I recommend the following: “Britney’s New Look,” “Eek, a Penis!,” “The China Probrem” (which features the controversial Indiana Jones rape scene), “About Last Night,” and “The Ungroundable.”


It’s worth noting that “About Last Night” is the soon-to-be classic episode that centers on the 2008 Election, which also pays homage to classic heist films and gives a clever spin to the Obama/McCain presidential race.

The mini-commentaries by Parker and Stone are amusing and entertaining to listen to, and are recommended for the die-hard South Park fan. There three featurettes regarding the making of an episode, and two specific episodes used are “Major Boobage” and “About Last Night.”

For those who have lived in a cave without outside contact for the past twelve years, I must advise you that South Park is a cartoon for ADULTS. It contains explicit language, sexual situations, violence, and mature themes.

If you like Family Guy, American Dad!, Chappelle’s Show, or The Simpsons, you’ll get a kick out of South Park. That is assuming you’ve never seen it before.


South Park: The Complete Twelfth Season laughs its way to an A. Solid laughs, and still as twisted as ever!

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