Epic Games to Bring Their Load in For GDC


GDC’s hitting the floor next Monday and we’ve already got plenty to be excited about. Epic Games will be hitting the show to showcase goodies for the Unreal Engine 3.

Looks like Crytek will be facing some Engine-based competition at GDC. Epic will be showing off what their pet engine, the Unreal Engine 3 is now capable of there.

As for what it will be capable of, would be:
Unreal Lightmass, which does some “high-quality static lighting with next-generation effects, such as: soft shadows with accurate penumbrae; diffuse and specular interreflection; and color bleeding.”

In less techie words, that means lights will look sweet as hell, shadows will look cooler and other fancy stuff will be seen. Another touted feature is the Content Browser, which will should allow designers to browse through, well, content. Hmm.

Another new goodie is the Unreal Master Control Program (MCP) which will add a “high-reliability online service architecture supporting announcements, settings management, online population tracking, and data collection for hardware, profile, and game stats.”

Sounds kinda similar to that online stats feature Unreal worked with on Unreal Tournament games. More practically, it sounds like a distant competitor to Quake Live. Will the Unreal Tournament/Quake 3 rivalry flare up on the Internets?! We can only wait, and watch. Or attend GDC, at least.

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