New Alpha Protocol Trailer Shows Guns, Kung Fu


A new trailer’s out for the world’s first “Modern Spy Role Playing Game”, developed by Obsidian. Does it give Jason Bourne a run for his money? Find out.

Looks pretty sweet, if you ask me. Reminds me of Mass Effect a lot, which makes me wonder whether Obsidian is trying to one-up BioWare in some way or anything. The graphics don’t look all that impressive, at least not as impressive as Mass Effect’s did.

Still, the best part is that the trailer doesn’t feel like a role playing game at all. An uneducated viewer could easily mistake it for some typical high-flying third-person shooter game. We don’t quite know just how role-playing this game is, but the guys at Obsidian are pretty hardcore, so you can keep your hopes up.

One thing of note I saw was that there seems to be some sort of a lockpicking minigame. If you observe closely at about 1:23, you’ll see what looks like our heroic agent carefully picking the pins on a lock. Intereeeesting.

Alpha Protocol will be out for the PC, Xbox 360 and the PS3 this October. That is, if it doesn’t get delayed, of course.

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