Hemp-mote is a Wiimote with a Hemp exterior. Wait, what?

That is hemp string. Around a Wiimote.
That is hemp string. Around a Wiimote.

People love modifying things. A google will show you the plethora of inventive PC case mods that have been churned out by human hands. But I can bet you’ve seen nothing like this.

This man named DHRECK,whose blog feed I’ve added to my Google Reader just now, is the inventor of the Hemp-mote. Alright, just a catchy name. What it is, is a a standard Wiimote with a hemp exterior.

As the creator describes it, “In stark contrast with the original Wii-mote set, what was once sleek, cold, white and hard plastic has now become a slightly fuzzy, natural, warm and textured concoction. No more bland, branded and boring but mottled, flawfull, rough and a tad sweat absorbing.”

He also describes the creation procedure in detail at his blog here. While the remote itself works perfectly, the exterior isn’t exactly as durable as good ol’ Nintendo plastic. That makes the Hemp-mote a rather unsatisfactory controller for daily use.

Still, I think it’ll more than just impress your friends. DHRECK is going to create some more Wiimote mods soon, so I’m interested in what can come out of that brain.

“Motus Darwin” is the Wiimote-killer?

Motus Darwin
Motus Corporation, known for products like iClub, a specialized golfing controller used in golfing games is now looking to broaden its reputation with dastardly plans. Behold, the Motus Darwin – a wireless controller that much resembles the Wiimote, minus the gayness.What makes this motion-sensing rod better than the Wiimote? Well, it’s more accurate and not limited to the Wii for starters. You can use it on the PC you are looking it, for example. For more reasons, hit the jump!
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Bloody Awesome: “Shark Gun” for your Wii

Shark Gun in action

Now, you might have seen plenty of gun mods for your Wii, and may even own one – but I’ll bet you you’ve never seen something like this. It’s called the “Shark Gun” and it is the perfect combination of the ferocity and deadliness of a shark with the ferocity and deadliness of a gun. You do the math.

It’s actually out for sale at DealExtreme for $10.86, which doesn’t sound like a bad deal for something to impress your friends with. Check out the back of the box, and its beautiful semi-Chinglish literature.

Shark Gun Box Back

“With lively appearance and smooth lines, shark gun makes you feel comfortable and gives you a strong sense of shark liked invincible force.”

Woah, okay – “Shark liked”? So we want to impress and attract sharks with this thing? There’s more stuff if you read closely. Then again, maybe I should be thankful, seeing as how I have encountered far more traumatizing English on product manuals.

Shark Gun Box Front