Bloody Awesome: “Shark Gun” for your Wii

Shark Gun in action

Now, you might have seen plenty of gun mods for your Wii, and may even own one – but I’ll bet you you’ve never seen something like this. It’s called the “Shark Gun” and it is the perfect combination of the ferocity and deadliness of a shark with the ferocity and deadliness of a gun. You do the math.

It’s actually out for sale at DealExtreme for $10.86, which doesn’t sound like a bad deal for something to impress your friends with. Check out the back of the box, and its beautiful semi-Chinglish literature.

Shark Gun Box Back

“With lively appearance and smooth lines, shark gun makes you feel comfortable and gives you a strong sense of shark liked invincible force.”

Woah, okay – “Shark liked”? So we want to impress and attract sharks with this thing? There’s more stuff if you read closely. Then again, maybe I should be thankful, seeing as how I have encountered far more traumatizing English on product manuals.

Shark Gun Box Front