Bluray Review: Oblivion

I’ve previously reviewed the film Oblivion in this video review below so I’ll just be focusing on the special features within this post.

The reality is that there’s not all that much to be had here. However what they did include was great. The making of series includes five videos that will last you around 30 minutes. A lot of this film is practical so it’s actually interesting to see how they made it. It’s not a CGI-fest, where all we do is stare at a computer screen.

There deleted scenes are pretty lame. There are four total lasting around 4 minutes. One of the deleted scenes is just a ship flying by. Yes, you heard me right. There’s no value in seeing these deleted scenes.

There’s a feature called M83 Isolated Score that allows you to watch the entire film with solely the soundtrack. It’s an neat idea because Oblivion is such a beautiful film to simply look at. I’m not sure how practical this feature is though as I can’t imagine watching the entire film without the other sounds.

The last feature is a commentary with Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski.

Oblivion stands on its own without any special features. The fact that there are some within this package that are great just enforces that you should pick up this gorgeous film and check it out.

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