Scarface Limited Edition Bluray Review

It’s time to throw regret into the air and go for the gold dust!

What you get in this Limited Edition Bluray are several bonus features that have been previously released on other Scarface editions with the addition of the original 1932 Scarface film on a separate DVD. At first I was pretty disappointed with the bonus features. It took me a while to find the ones that were actually worthwhile, which talked about the making of the film. Those were called The Rebirth, The Acting, and The Creating. Each is about 10-30 minutes in length so you’ll get some good information. But again it is all old interview material.

The one new video is called The Scarface Phenomenon. It features a bunch of people that initially speaking I had no clue how exactly they were involved with the Scarface film. Eventually they’ll tell you but seriously I was watching this thinking, who the heck cares who you are and what you think. It felt like they pulled random people off of the street and asked them to talk about Scarface. That’s not the type of bonus material that people want to see on a big release like this.

Some other interesting bonus features are the 30 minutes worth of deleted scenes and a 2 minute clip montage of the TV broadcast of the film Scarface. There is also a picture in picture mode that has scene comparisons between the 1983 version of Scarface and the 1932 version.

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This Scarface Limited Edition Bluray is a decent combination of previously released material. The stand out reason to pick it up is for the high definition version of Scarface. It looks great and sounds good! I had never seen Scarface before checking out this Bluray so it was definitely a treat. The film with its story, characters, action, comedy, etc. still holds up very well.

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