Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

“I’ll be back.”

It’s such an overused quote, but a damn good one at that. SkyNet is back online in this new FOX TV show airing January 13 at 9pm! I had the privilege of watching the pilot episode at the San Diego Comic Con and it rocked.

This series follows Sarah Connor and her son John Connor. There’s no Arnold, but from seeing the first episode he wasn’t missed – although as the series progresses I’m sure he will be. Set in between Terminator 2 and 3 with tons of time traveling goodness, the biggest question is how will this series affect the Terminator timeline?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

While the pilot itself is enjoyable to watch, I do have doubts about the overall story to the series. First off when compared to the films, the CGI isn’t all that great. I hate it when things look cheap. To counter balance that, I want a great story with interesting characters. From the films we already know the backgrounds of both Sarah and John so what else is there to explore? As a fan of the film series, I just want to see the war that has been talked about since the dawn of Terminator 1. Hopefully we’ll get a good dosage of that in Terminator 4 set to be released in 2009.


Christian Bale is John Connor

AintItCool.com is reporting that Christian Bale (Batman Begins) is going to be the new John Conner in the fourth installment of The Terminator saga. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins is set to be released in 2009.

Since Bale’s attached we know it’ll be one metal rocking of a movie!

Christian Bale

McG and Vin Diesel in Terminator 4?

Vin Diesel posing

Some of the latest news tells us that McG, famous for directing Charlie’s Angels and Stay Alive is in talks for directing Terminator 4. Doesn’t sound like a bad choice to me, at least if you consider the likes of well, Boll. Production on T4 has certainly sped up, though – the script arrived last week and since the movie is pre-strike, we should expect production to start ASAP.

Another piece of news says that Vin Diesel is rumoured to be in talks to play the terminator this time around. At least no one will complain about his acting, that way. Come to think of it – he’d make a fantastic Terminator!

As for the story itself, it has been confirmed that Terminator 4 will carry on from the story of Terminator 3 – the apocalypse has taken place and now John Connor has to form an army of rebels against the evil Skynet. I like the way the Terminator movies take place in two time frames, heh.

Who’ll make the cut? How will the movie fare? You can only discuss and comment right now. We’ll wait for the movie, though.

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Terminator 4 may hit 2009 release, will face heavy competition if true.


As some of you may know, The Halcyon Company bought the rights to the Terminator franchise last year, making them lord of machines and eventually, a Terminator 4 was announced. What’s more, 4 will be part of an entirely new trilogy of Terminator movies, sans Arnold. 🙁

We’ve got some fresh news that the movie will be geared for a 2009 release. While it’s good to know that the movie is still serious, what is really making me jump is that 2009 will end up being one hell of a year. As we brought you news, Transformers 2 is coming out then, as is the film adaptation of Watchmen (which is being made by the 300 crew)! And there have to be even more awesome movies coming out then that I do not know or remember right now!

No title has been supplied yet, though it has been confirmed that it won’t be called “Terminator 4”. There will be subtitle after the Terminator label. Now, you just needed to know that, didn’t you? We’ll see how the movie shapes out to be, though I sense a dark, dark future without the awesomeness of Ahnold.

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