Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

“I’ll be back.”

It’s such an overused quote, but a damn good one at that. SkyNet is back online in this new FOX TV show airing January 13 at 9pm! I had the privilege of watching the pilot episode at the San Diego Comic Con and it rocked.

This series follows Sarah Connor and her son John Connor. There’s no Arnold, but from seeing the first episode he wasn’t missed – although as the series progresses I’m sure he will be. Set in between Terminator 2 and 3 with tons of time traveling goodness, the biggest question is how will this series affect the Terminator timeline?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

While the pilot itself is enjoyable to watch, I do have doubts about the overall story to the series. First off when compared to the films, the CGI isn’t all that great. I hate it when things look cheap. To counter balance that, I want a great story with interesting characters. From the films we already know the backgrounds of both Sarah and John so what else is there to explore? As a fan of the film series, I just want to see the war that has been talked about since the dawn of Terminator 1. Hopefully we’ll get a good dosage of that in Terminator 4 set to be released in 2009.


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