Man of Steel Teaser Trailer

Quick note there are two teaser trailers, but each is extremely short. This isn’t all the footage that was shown off at Comic Con 2012 that brought a Superman fan to tears. Nonetheless it shows you a quick glimpse for why you should pay attention to this new Superman flick. Continue reading “Man of Steel Teaser Trailer”

Star Trek The Game Teaser Trailer

Star Trek The Game

We checked out Star Trek The Game at E3 2011 and yeah it looked pretty sweet. The game was initially scheduled for a 2012 release, but was pushed back because of the new film being released in 2013. Hopefully they’ve continued to work and improve the game. This could be not only a great Star Trek game, but also a great action game. Continue reading “Star Trek The Game Teaser Trailer”

Mass Effect 3 Take Back Earth Teaser Trailer

[Update 2/19/12: The full length trailer is now available.]

A big day for all of us Mass Effect fans out there. First the demo, now a new teaser trailer surfaces. Continue reading “Mass Effect 3 Take Back Earth Teaser Trailer”

Alice: Madness Returns With Screenshots

Into the hole again, we hurried along our way, into a once-glorious garden now seeped in dark decay…
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American McGee’s Return of Alice Now Has Teaser, Is Creepy


The teaser also has the official ballpark release date for the title, but you’ll have to hit the jump for that.
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