American McGee’s Return of Alice Now Has Teaser, Is Creepy


The teaser also has the official ballpark release date for the title, but you’ll have to hit the jump for that.

In February, American McGee announced the sequel to the astoundingly beautiful third-person slasher from 2000, American McGee’s Alice. Now we have the first few details about it, and well, they really aren’t a lot, but they’ll suffice. In what will completely befit the game, the first official teaser for the game is done in stop-motion and the makers have made no efforts to tone down the scary factor.

Seriously, I almost jumped when Alice opened her eyes. The original had a surreal, disturbing flavour to start with, but if this teaser is anything to go by, we can expect an even more demented game. I’m hoping they emulate a stop-motion style for the game’s graphics, because that would be one of the scariest things attempted in gaming. But whatever is in the works, it’s sounds like it’s going to be good:

From American McGee’s Twitter
(Alice 2) is now officially the most beautiful game i’ve ever seen. way to go spicy horse art/ld team.

Alice was a very beautiful game in itself, so if American McGee is saying the sequel is even more beautiful, I’m kinda inclined to agree.

So if you’re excited for the game like me, you’d best keep your horses in, because this game isn’t coming out till 2011. I’m dying to see Cheshire Cat again!

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