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From legendary creators Erik Reese (Amorousness, Mr. Lifeless), Alex Blume (The Man who knows a Thousand Jokes), and David Rodriguez (Mr. Lifeless, NGH) comes one of the funniest new hit series, Prank David. Prank David is StuffWeLike’s new web series and it’s by far, the funniest yet. Not only do the creators enjoy filming it, but they also enjoy hurting, humiliating, and pranking the star and co-creator David Rodriguez.The show has no limits, no bounds, and no exceptions… just pure fun.

The first episode is a classical case of pie in the face, but… there is more! Episode two is another all time classic that will kill you with laughter! This new series is a must see!

“This is the next generation of webisode’s!”–Adrienne Karlin (Alltimepush Magazines)

“By God man! This is absolutely amazing!”–Orson Conway (Mr. Lifeless)

“If looks could really kill, then David’s shower scene should do it…”–Gordon Greenhut (Entertainmerightnowgoddammit Magazine)

“This is better than sex, drugs, and rock & roll combined…”– Franics S. Gorgorson (Brandedafool Pictures)