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From legendary creators Erik Reese (Amorousness, Mr. Lifeless), Alex Blume (The Man who knows a Thousand Jokes), and David Rodriguez (Mr. Lifeless, NGH) comes one of the funniest new hit series, Prank David. Prank David is StuffWeLike’s new web series and it’s by far, the funniest yet. Not only do the creators enjoy filming it, but they also enjoy hurting, humiliating, and pranking the star and co-creator David Rodriguez.The show has no limits, no bounds, and no exceptions… just pure fun.

The first episode is a classical case of pie in the face, but… there is more! Episode two is another all time classic that will kill you with laughter! This new series is a must see!

“This is the next generation of webisode’s!”–Adrienne Karlin (Alltimepush Magazines)

“By God man! This is absolutely amazing!”–Orson Conway (Mr. Lifeless)

“If looks could really kill, then David’s shower scene should do it…”–Gordon Greenhut (Entertainmerightnowgoddammit Magazine)

“This is better than sex, drugs, and rock & roll combined…”– Franics S. Gorgorson (Brandedafool Pictures)

Mr. Lifeless: The New Series!

Being spontaneous in film is not necessarily a bad thing, this is exactly how Mr. Lifeless, the new internet webisode series, was created, born, and started. The idea essentially began with an unexpected police event occurring outside our dorm. David and I were just about ready to shoot a practice test involving the show Yo Gabba Gabba until the practice test instantly began to fail on us. Immediately after, David noticed a helicopter circling around the minor police raid outside, he quickly remarked, “Look! There is a Helicopter! Let’s go shoot that!”

Mr. Lifeless

Without any hesitation we both ran outside and began filming. Image after image a story was forming and suddenly we had specific symbols, sounds, and an overall a mysterious character to guide us into an unknown situation that was pure cinematic conflict. This was unpolluted, raw, and untidy guerilla style filmmaking. Mr. Lifeless defies the laws of Hollywood by ignoring the concepts and tools of lighting, booms, and set n’ stone scripts that barricade the ideas of natural filmmaking.

Mr. Lifeless is an ambiguous mystery that will surprise the viewers in the end. Nothing is what it seems, and everything is up for grabs. What will happen next? Who is Mr. Lifeless? Well ladies and gentlemen… take nothing for granted and surely you’ll find out.

-John-Erik Reese

It’s Absolutely Breathless!


In 1961, Jean-Luc Godard, a master of French new wave, released A bout de Soufflé (Breathless). A young man named Michel Poiccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo) kills a police officer and then flees away into the city where he meets up with Patricia Franchini (Jean Seberg). Michel hides from the police with Patricia, but fate catches up with him as the fire fuels in the fatal but beautiful ending.

Jean Seberg and Jean-Paul belmondo

This French film has influenced many of today’s greatest filmmakers, artists, and countless other aesthetics. It is a tale dealing with love, youth, and beyond anything a beauty so acutely defined by Godard.

One of the most important elements that should be noted in this film is the simple idea of “all or nothing” and how love falls within this spectrum. This theme is numerously supported by underlying visuals, dialogue, and gestures. Director Jean-Pierre Melville (Le Samouraï, L’ Armée des ombres) plays a small role in this film but, what he has to say is immensely powerful. Patricia, the young reporter, asks him a very interesting inquiry,

Jean-Paul Belmondo

“What is your greatest Ambition in Life?” Melville responds back with this profound statement, “To become immortal and the die.” This can be interpreted in many different ways. One interpretation would consider that it is simply a contradiction and means nothing. Secondly, it can reflect the idea of choice. To have the power to die willing reflects complete control. On the other hand, to have no control simply means to have absolutely nothing…hence “to have all or nothing.”

Overall, A bout de Soufflé is a beautiful movie that anyone should consider watching. It is a foreign classic that still remains an astonishing movie. While other films will gradually disappear À bout de Souffle will remain as it has already remained throughout these years.

Jean-Luc Godard

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg, Daniel Boulanger, and Jean-Pierre Melville

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