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Review: Mr. Lifeless


Hello all. I am going to review this site’s own short film series… “Mr. Lifeless”. My first problem is the title. The first episode begins with the title character running away from the police. We do not know why. What we do know is this: Having no life is not against the law… so this man has had to have committed a crime or been framed for something. Does this hurt the series? Not really. Well personally for me I can never watch it again because I am so outraged, but for normal people… I don’t think anyone will care. Anywhos…

The film is quick and intense. It is very fast paced, lots of running, quick cuts and some intense stunts involving a car that put Death Proof to shame. It will fill your life with a fun 30+ seconds. Well… a boring 20 minutes (the frickin load time for the dumb pipeline) and then a fun 30 + seconds. To summarize… Mr. Lifeless…. hardly… Mr. Lifemore… Yes.

Mr. Lifeless: The New Series!

Being spontaneous in film is not necessarily a bad thing, this is exactly how Mr. Lifeless, the new internet webisode series, was created, born, and started. The idea essentially began with an unexpected police event occurring outside our dorm. David and I were just about ready to shoot a practice test involving the show Yo Gabba Gabba until the practice test instantly began to fail on us. Immediately after, David noticed a helicopter circling around the minor police raid outside, he quickly remarked, “Look! There is a Helicopter! Let’s go shoot that!”

Mr. Lifeless

Without any hesitation we both ran outside and began filming. Image after image a story was forming and suddenly we had specific symbols, sounds, and an overall a mysterious character to guide us into an unknown situation that was pure cinematic conflict. This was unpolluted, raw, and untidy guerilla style filmmaking. Mr. Lifeless defies the laws of Hollywood by ignoring the concepts and tools of lighting, booms, and set n’ stone scripts that barricade the ideas of natural filmmaking.

Mr. Lifeless is an ambiguous mystery that will surprise the viewers in the end. Nothing is what it seems, and everything is up for grabs. What will happen next? Who is Mr. Lifeless? Well ladies and gentlemen… take nothing for granted and surely you’ll find out.

-John-Erik Reese