MusicSkins a better way to protect and coolify things!

Everyone knows what vinyl decals and stickers are; but who knew they could look so good on consoles, phones, guitars and many other necessities to the average gamer. A Company called MusicSkins makes dreams come true with their attractive and adhesive protective stickers they make for hundreds of consumer electronics.

We were so lucky to adhere a few of there products and see them work in everyday use and action.

Here is my iPhone rockin’ a Bob Marly Sticker; it keeps in thin, and keep the chrome apple logo on the back shiny and clean as if the phone is a day old.


We also have a ‘Lil Wayne Guitar skin, install is easy; no real prep required, and they really do look great!

Prices vary; and if you are looking for something to add some serious protection and a custom look offers a huge variety of products to do just that as well as protect from scratches, scuffs, and common ware and tear.

Should Apple Enter The Gaming Market?

These are mysterious times. Mysterious indeed. Apple, after dominating the music industry and making a respectably deep dent in the cellphone industry. The Apple TV is also running decently enough, making sure that Apple can invade your TV screens as well. The only field left is… book publishing? No, video games.

According to Don Reisinger here at Cnet, this is not only plausible, but actually should and will most likely happen. Reisinger speculates that Apple in fact, has the ball rolling and will jump into the market sooner or later. Despite the market’s hard-coded domination by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, Apple will break in. Then again, it’s the only company that can break into the market on their own.

Apple’s focus on hardware and it’s controlling standard entertainment media such as TV, music, your computer and so on, only points at a game console next. Apple also the money to spare, Reisinger notes: $20 billion, which can give it not only a console, but an Xbox-Live style gaming experience that may thrash Microsoft.

What do you think? Will Apple enter the gaming market?

The Philips DCP951/37: catchy name…cool looks


It’s always good to see gadgets that look like they have a bit of style and substance, shame about the name though. It’s the Philips DCP951/37 Docking Entertainment System.

Gorgeously draped in a piano-black finish the player packs quite a fair amount of features to go with its 9-inch LCD screen and ability to play music and video from your iPod whilst charging it up.

Other features include:

  • Built-in SD/MMC card slot
  • Playback for DVD, DVD+/R and DVD+/-RW, (S) VCD, DivX and MPG4 formats
  • Rechargeable battery with enough time for up to 2.5 hours of video  

Want? Then head over to Amazon, where it can be yours for $199


Big boys toys: Lego MP3 player and iPod dock


Ah, Nostalgia. What a wonderful thing it is reminiscing about the days when we used to play with Lego. Speaking of which, check out this flashback inducing MP3 player from Homade, made from the colored buliding blocks. Well not quite, since they aren’t an official Lego product. Still, they look exactly like the building blocks of our youth.

Read on for the whole collection and the lego-like iPod dock.

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