MusicSkins a better way to protect and coolify things!

Everyone knows what vinyl decals and stickers are; but who knew they could look so good on consoles, phones, guitars and many other necessities to the average gamer. A Company called MusicSkins makes dreams come true with their attractive and adhesive protective stickers they make for hundreds of consumer electronics.

We were so lucky to adhere a few of there products and see them work in everyday use and action.

Here is my iPhone rockin’ a Bob Marly Sticker; it keeps in thin, and keep the chrome apple logo on the back shiny and clean as if the phone is a day old.


We also have a ‘Lil Wayne Guitar skin, install is easy; no real prep required, and they really do look great!

Prices vary; and if you are looking for something to add some serious protection and a custom look offers a huge variety of products to do just that as well as protect from scratches, scuffs, and common ware and tear.