YouTube Partners

When news broke out earlier today about Google finally opening the Adsense for Video vault with partners such as Revver and, I was ecstatic! Finally there’s a possibility that I can earn more money off of my videos. Sure both Revver and Blip, had their own ad systems, but with Revver I’ve only made $1 for 22k viewers!

I also signed up for the YouTube Partners. With YouTube as my second largest viewership audience, with 147k views. Hopefully I’ll have a better chance making money with YouTube – BUT who knows if I’ll be accepted into the program.

Oddly enough Yahoo Video is in first place for my viewer ratings with over a quarter of a million views. It’s a shame that Yahoo currently doesn’t offer a publisher ad-revenue sharing program.

It is pretty pathetic and very frustrating as a video producer that there isn’t a clear way to earn money off of these views. I’ll keep you all informed on my progress. If you’ve had more luck or have any recommendations, please write a comment.

Youtube Ads

After much debate, Youtube ads are now here for good. It appears that Google is trying to listen to all sides on how exactly it should include ads around the players. Anyone can create a ad based player if they have a Google Adsense. We’ve embedded the Youtube ad player in our Forum. We’re actually having issues including it in this post.

It’s great to know that content publishers can finally start making money off of their creations. Of course not all are welcomed. At this time only certain videos will be shown. Most of these videos are the highest viewed and rated, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if you’re a content publisher like StuffWeLike and haven’t had that break out video hit, you’re videos won’t be featured in other’s players. But if you have a website, you can still profit off of other people’s work.

Hopefully this will encourage users to improve the quality of their videos. Most likely it won’t, but again I did say hopefully.