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When news broke out earlier today about Google finally opening the Adsense for Video vault with partners such as Revver and, I was ecstatic! Finally there’s a possibility that I can earn more money off of my videos. Sure both Revver and Blip, had their own ad systems, but with Revver I’ve only made $1 for 22k viewers!

I also signed up for the YouTube Partners. With YouTube as my second largest viewership audience, with 147k views. Hopefully I’ll have a better chance making money with YouTube – BUT who knows if I’ll be accepted into the program.

Oddly enough Yahoo Video is in first place for my viewer ratings with over a quarter of a million views. It’s a shame that Yahoo currently doesn’t offer a publisher ad-revenue sharing program.

It is pretty pathetic and very frustrating as a video producer that there isn’t a clear way to earn money off of these views. I’ll keep you all informed on my progress. If you’ve had more luck or have any recommendations, please write a comment.

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