Steampunk Disney game will destroy children’s minds

Warren Spector, the creator of Deus Ex, is making a Disney game for the Wii! Continue reading “Steampunk Disney game will destroy children’s minds”

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Criterion Collection – DVD Review


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button joins a long list of films that have been stamped with the Criterion Collection label. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Criterion Collection – DVD Review”

5 Things I Learned While Watching The New World

The New World: The Extended Cut
New Line Cinema
Starring Colin Farrell, Q’orianka Kilcher, Christopher Plummer, and Christian Bale
Written and Directed by Terrence Malick
Rated PG-13 for some intense battle sequences.
Running Time = 135 minutes

As I watched this extended version of The New World, which was my first time viewing the film, several thoughts came to mind. I wish to share five of them with you now. Continue reading “5 Things I Learned While Watching The New World”

Epic Making New IP with EA

Epic Games

Epic, impressed by their work on the Gears of War PC port, bought People Can Fly not very long ago. Now’s the time for action. Epic has announced that their Poland-based PCF studio will be working on a whole new IP to be released for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, all by EA. About time.

And we just got you excited on that, then sorry, we don’t have much else to report. That’s pretty much all that has been released upto now. No title, no hint of story, nothing. Still, being the keen industry analysts that we are, we’re guessing it will be a sci-fi first person shooter, involving either a dystopia or an alien invasion.

Epic seems to have been on a roll recently. While they have always prospered by selling their uber Unreal Engine to other devs, they took a walk out of the tent with Gears of War and are working on its sequel as we speak. They’re also doing great licensing Unreal Engine 3 and have a 4th version in the works.

Their flagship product, Unreal Tournament 3 didn’t do so well, however. This has left the franchise abandoned for the while, as no more news has been announced regarding it yet. Still, in an informal chat conducted by BeyondUnreal, an Epic employee (hehe) had said that Unreal Tournament will last as long as Epic does.

Gears of War movie confirmed for 2010 release

Gears of War

The Gears of War movie, which has been floating around wistfully much like the Halo movie, has finally been confirmed for a hard on 2010 release. The news comes straight from producer Wyck Godfrey, so there’s no doubt about any of this now!

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Gears of War 2 – November 2008

Gears of War 2

The 4.5 million game is now truly becoming a series to reckon with. Badass characters, tons of gore and violence, but where’s the movie? Although we may never get the Hollywood adaptation of Gears of War, we will be receiving a sequel to the Xbox 360 exclusive game. Gears of War 2 is slated for a November 2008 release.

Watch the trailer below:

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