Steampunk Disney game will destroy children’s minds

Warren Spector, the creator of Deus Ex, is making a Disney game for the Wii! It’s just not any Disney game though, it’s a steampunk Disney game. That means Mickey will be running around in Victorian era clothing fighting a twisted steam powered goofy… I’m not kidding.

The game, tentatively titled Epic Mickey was thought to have been canceled. Recent concept art pictures suggest otherwise. The concept art also suggests that this will be the DARKEST Disney game to have ever existed.

Really twisted pictures of steampowered monstrosities such as a Monstro(the whale from Pinocchio), Mickey Mouse and Goofy. The concept art shows a dystopian world with a very strange art style.

The game is supposed to be coming out for the Wii, and we have no gameplay footage, but you can’t really go wrong with steampunk. I really hope it’s similar to Deus Ex. I can’t help but think this is going to haunt children’s nightmares though.

Check this link for more pictures.

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