Crysis 3 Teaser

Crysis 3 teaser

The trailer for Crysis 3 launches April 24, 2012. In the mean time we’ve got a teaser trailer! Continue reading “Crysis 3 Teaser”

E3 EA 2010 Press Coverage

As of late EA, Electronic Arts, has been doing extremely well with a healthy supply of new IPs and successful sequels to existing franchises. Continue reading “E3 EA 2010 Press Coverage”

Crysis 2 Set in New York

What’s that sound? It’s the sound of a million grieving computers that won’t match its system requirements.

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Crytek’s CryENGINE 3 Coming Soon


Crytek sure knows how to get the ball rolling. They’ve announced CryENGINE 3, their next video game engine. For the record, the first one was used by Far Cry, the second by Crysis and the third one will be by, well, we don’t know that yet.
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