CryEngine 3 Now Available For Licensing


…if you’re a high-end game developer, that is.

Crytek’s latest beastly game engine, the CryEngine 3 is now available for licensing to developers, so if you’re a developer reading this, well, it’s about time you contacted Crytek. CryEngine 3 may not look very different from CryEngine 2, but it brings with it a number of bonuses that warrant its own, special number.

CryEngine 3 will be the first natively multiplatform engine of its kind, meaning that developing games for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 (along with the PC, of course) is a cinch. The engine is also scalable in two directions: it will be very playable on older PCs (supporting DirectX 9 & 10), but it will also be next-gen ready and scalable upwards, when beefier hardware enters the games industry.

The biggest advantage with this is of course, real-time development on multiple platforms. While this may not sound like a huge step up, it actually is. Anyone who’s seen CryEngine 2 knows how incredible it looks. Unfortunately, not many games have been made with it, and one of the biggest limiting factors here is the PC-exclusivity. This will change now, when the CryEngine 3 will allow multi-platform development.

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