What Cloverfield is and what it isn’t.

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Yesterday I posted an article about some Cloverfield information, along with a poster with a possible title. Well during the Paramount board at Comic-Con Abrams briefly touched on the subject of the movie. First off, it’s not called Monstrous, but that poster IS indeed the official poster. Secondly, there’s no way that it’s anything but a unique character. It’s not Godzilla, King Kong, Cthulhu, Voltron, Ghostbusters 4, or even Blair Witch 3. Its a unique creature that’s going to be America’s monster movie monster.

So for now we have no name, no pictures of the monster, nothing really new. What we do have is a rumor debunked, and confirmation that it’s not a preexisting creature. If anything new comes out about the movie, I’ll post it here as soon as possible.

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A small Cloverfield update

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Cloverfield poster

So we have a few new updates on the Cloverfield front lines. First off, that picture that David posted two days ago has resurfaced, this time in focus. In the new picture you can easily see a lot of details that the older picture made difficult. The Statue of Liberty, just like in the teaser trailer, lacks a head. The poster has the same date as Cloverfield, and it sports the Paramount logo. While it’s not entirely confirmed that this is the title or even a poster, it looks very real. The title itself, I gotta say, I like. Monstrous has a very mysterious sense to it, much like all of the marketing that has gone into making the movie. Monstrous suits the movie well.

The official website has released a new picture as well.


Just like all the others, it’s vague and doesn’t show much, but there is one thing that has been pointed out about the picture. The timestamps between the last few pictures and this one show that the military response is… well too damn fast. The national guard would require the Governor’s order, and an Army response would require the president’s order. The latter is highly unlikely for such a rapid response, with the former being likely, but still likely to take a while, like around 2 hours at the quickest. This suggests one of two things, a flaw with the script or marketing focus, or the government new that a Giant monster was going to attack New York and was slightly ready. Conspiracy theory ahoy!

I’ve got a report that Heroes star Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman, the cop) has a role in the movie. It probably won’t be significant as Grunberg says “It’ll probably be something where no one will be able to tell it’s me,” but he does give some insight on the experience on being on the set. “I actually went to the set the other night, and it was really exciting and cool. The budget is not astronomical. But they’re doing incredible things,” now I would say that this would endorse the claim of a 30 million dollar budget, but I can’t really say it is as half of the budget is used for visual effects and the set would probably be fairly unimpressive on a 15 million dollar budget.

Here I had planned on putting a video of the movie being made, but the video’s been pulled. It had no major significance, just striked me as somewhat interesting. Either way, this is about all the news I have. Tomorrow is the Paramount Comic-Con with Abrams, the Comic-Con website says he’s there for the Star Trek movie, but it also says there might be some surprises. So keep your eyes trained here. I’ll try to post the news, if there is any, as soon as possible.

[Sources: Greg Grunberg and an IMDB article about the new 1-18-08 picture’s timeline

Cloverfield Poster

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Cloverfield Poster - cellphone

A guest posted a message on the Unfiction.com forum and is reporting that they saw a poster for the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Cloverfield. Of course it was taken with a cell phone so this could be more viral marketing…

The forum poster said, “I just wanted to let you know about something I saw at a warehouse sale called Frank & Son’s here in Southern California. Basically they sell collectible stuff like cards, comics, toys, etc. It is like a mini convention hall every wed and saturday.

Anyway, I was at a large booth where they sell movie posters. One of the posters there had a snapshot of the statue of liberty overlooking the city of new york. The statue was missing it’s head and at the top in large white letters it said “Monstrous”. The lower right corner had in smaller white letters, 1-18-08.”

Cloverfield, another look into madness

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Okay, Garbled Zombie posted two articles about this movie a few weeks ago but much of the article is littered with information that has since been proven false. EthanHaasWasRight is not related to Cloverfield, this has been confirmed by producer J.J. Abrams, in fact it seems to viral marketing for a game called Alpha-Omega. So, while EHWR is not for Cloverfield there are viral Marketing sites out there. One of those all-but-confirmed sites is Slusho, but there is evidence backing up this claim. A scene in the trailer shows a character wearing a shirt with the slusho logo and name on it.

Picture of character with help from the 1-18-08 fanblog

Now, not only is that in the movie, but the company has been tied directly to past Abrams works. The name Slusho was in an episode of Alias, which was produced by Abrams himself, as an Icee type company. The site itself has been stated as a marketing site for Cloverfield by an inside source according to NBC, but not by Paramount of Abrams. The site is strange to say the least. The product’s history is riddled with more than it’s share of Engrish translations and shows a very mysterious past about the company’s creator and his family. The likelihood of the site being fake is slim, but still possible.

third official picture

Now since the last few posts another picture has come up. It doesn’t provide much, if any, information, but it’s definitely after the “attack” by the parasite. The smoke could be anything, an expulsion of gas from the parasite or just smoke from the falling debris of the surrounding buildings. Something that has been pointed out in the the last picture though, a girl in the lower right hand corner of the party has a photoshopped number on her, the number 9. The significance of this has yet to be seen.
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More digging on Cloverfield throws up new photo, half-baked forum

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The two photos, as of right now.

I’m a sucker for viral marketing campaigns. I spent a whole night chasing one particular campaign several months ago (the end result of which frustrated me). Well, “Cloverfield” is one interesting campaign and it has absorbed me. Again.

Following a link from a commenter, I found a related site (which was up for quite some time, as a bit of research pointed out). The site can be found here. To summarize, it just says “The Parasite” with a couple of links below and a “sponsor” link below that (I’ll get to it real soon). There is also a countdown which will end at August 1st (which, if you remember, is the date ‘Van’ mentioned). Now, the second link leads to the “Ethan Haas was right” place.

The second site released around the same time Ethan Haas did, but I missed it, apparently. The site showed a photo of a two women looking in shock at something. Now, nightowl3090 has posted a series of analytical breakdowns about Cloverfield. He suggests that the two womens’ images, if merged can form a perfect woman – with a bit of a problem at the teeth. He also talks about a possible “organic” thing in the background.

The second image, which I’m guessing was recently posted shows a bit of the party seen in the Cloverfield trailer. Looks pretty much like an average party pic, with the words “We’ll Miss” in the background. What I find creepy about that image is that guy (gal?) at the far right.

Read on to find out how a crappy forum figures into the grand scheme.

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J.J. Abrams’ “Cloverfield” trailer, viral marketing leak out to the internet, we jump right on it.

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A screenshot from Video 1.

If you’ve seen Transformers, you’ll know that a secret trailer plays out in front of it. This “awesome” trailer has caught the eyes of many a moviegoer, leaving them stunned. The trailer is of J.J. Abrams’ next sci-fi project, which currently unnamed and goes by the codename “Cloverfield”.

The trailer is shot in a shaky home video camera style, which emulates a sense of reality and Youtube-ness. It is rumoured that the entire movie will be shot in this fashion. Wow. While all instances of the trailer have been forcefully deleted by Paramount, you can find one Google Video instance here at FirstShowing.net.

But what has made the internet really crazy is the unveiling of the movie’s diabolical Viral Marketing campaign. Like all others, it melds mystery with fear, intrigue and above all, internet fun. The campaign in question is in the form of a mysterious website: www.ethanhaaswasright.com. It may not make much sense to you at first. Read on to find out what I, Brandon and a whole lot of other people have uncovered.

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