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Cloverfield Poster - cellphone

A guest posted a message on the forum and is reporting that they saw a poster for the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Cloverfield. Of course it was taken with a cell phone so this could be more viral marketing…

The forum poster said, “I just wanted to let you know about something I saw at a warehouse sale called Frank & Son’s here in Southern California. Basically they sell collectible stuff like cards, comics, toys, etc. It is like a mini convention hall every wed and saturday.

Anyway, I was at a large booth where they sell movie posters. One of the posters there had a snapshot of the statue of liberty overlooking the city of new york. The statue was missing it’s head and at the top in large white letters it said “Monstrous”. The lower right corner had in smaller white letters, 1-18-08.”

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  1. There are going to be 3 posters in total coming out, all w/ words like “MONSTROUS” on them. Its not the title, please dont be confused.
    They’re just like little taglines describing the movie.
    Each poster should have the following words:
    poster 1: MONSTROUS
    poster 2: FURIOUS
    poster 3: Terrifying.
    the website i saw it on showed the 3 posters.
    No word on the title.

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