Cloverfield TV spot

[Update] Cloverfield receives more viral marketing

The most hyped up film since Star Wars is almost here! On 1-18-08 the realistic monster movie to potentially become the standard for Hollywood monster films now has a TV spot. Check it out above.

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WHOA! More Cloverfield info!

[Update]Check out more of our Cloverfield Coverage!


It’s been months since the original teaser came out, indeed we’re just a week away from the Transformers movie DVD release. Since the original trailer the stream of hype has begun to slow to a slight trickle. The biggest development about the secret monster movie isn’t that important, and barely worth mentioning.

The official website,, has recently added a new picture. The picture? A curiously angry (happy? excited? constipated even?) Japanese chef holding a platter with what looks like an omelet on it. Itself, not at all helpful, but upon flipping the picture over we are given a Japanese recipe for a fictional meal. Translated the recipe features many items not too out of the ordinary, except for one very important item, a pinch of Deep sea nectar. Why is this important? Well anyone whose looked through knows that one of the big ingredients in their slurpee like product is an ingredient that comes from the bottom of the ocean floor.

So what does this mean? Well obviously that the monster is a giant culinary monstrosity out to destroy all of the fast food chains in the world…. or perhaps not much. What else has been found is a company that goes by the name of Tagruato Corp. This website does seem to be tied with Slusho, making it a part of the viral marketing campaign. The subsidiary page talks about Slusho amongst 3 other companies, most of which seem to be tied with, in someway, deep sea venturing. All of this points more to the point that the monster has some significant connection with this deep sea nectar.

Other than that, there’s nothing really going on in J.J. Abrams land. Keep your eyes and ears open for another trailer though, there are only 3 more months until the movie’s release.

[Via: First Showing and 1-18-08 live journal]

New Cloverfield Rumors

[Update]Check out more of our Cloverfield Coverage!

Ye Olde series of tubes blog Ain’t It Cool has released a new article about Cloverfield’s plot. The article mentions that the information comes from two untested, and thus somewhat unreliable, sources. The article mentions that the trailer we’ve seen was the beginning of the movie, a shortened version of the opening at that. After the trailer the main characters are in a dark corridor, and one of them is a girl whose badly bruised.

Blah blah blah, so on and so forth. I could repeat everything the article mentions here, but honestly, I don’t think it’s significant. Much of the rumors that AICN posted sounds like a blow by blow translation of the Korean Monster movie The Host. Some people survive a monster attack, one of them is seemingly “infected” and they’re quarantined by their government while the monster spouts out some minions and the government fails to stop it. The entire rumor, should be taken as just that, a rumor. Much of the official information we’ve seen says that the opening of the movie is a group of people mulling around a destroyed New York City finding the camera with all of the information. Not much, could have been avoided in the write up, but somewhat important to point out. Another piece of information is that there have been several Myspace accounts set up echoing the characters from the movie, might be fake, but doesn’t appear so. The accounts show more than three main characters like AICN says. Hit the jump for more.
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Cloverfield Mystery Solved ?

[Update]Ok so this post is BS, but we do have tons of clues in our Cloverfield Coverage!

After taking another look at the Cloverfield trailer there are multiple references to animal sounds. “What animal sounds like that?” then a huge explosion occurs with some sort of lion roar. After the crowd runs in fear someone says “I saw it, it’s a lion it’s huge.” In the past people once thought the guy said “it’s alive.” The question is, which one is correct?

Rumors are circulating that Voltron is coming to the big screen. With the major success of Transformers, fans have been clammering for a Voltron film. Is J.J. Abrams a fanboy?

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