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Ye Olde series of tubes blog Ain’t It Cool has released a new article about Cloverfield’s plot. The article mentions that the information comes from two untested, and thus somewhat unreliable, sources. The article mentions that the trailer we’ve seen was the beginning of the movie, a shortened version of the opening at that. After the trailer the main characters are in a dark corridor, and one of them is a girl whose badly bruised.

Blah blah blah, so on and so forth. I could repeat everything the article mentions here, but honestly, I don’t think it’s significant. Much of the rumors that AICN posted sounds like a blow by blow translation of the Korean Monster movie The Host. Some people survive a monster attack, one of them is seemingly “infected” and they’re quarantined by their government while the monster spouts out some minions and the government fails to stop it. The entire rumor, should be taken as just that, a rumor. Much of the official information we’ve seen says that the opening of the movie is a group of people mulling around a destroyed New York City finding the camera with all of the information. Not much, could have been avoided in the write up, but somewhat important to point out. Another piece of information is that there have been several Myspace accounts set up echoing the characters from the movie, might be fake, but doesn’t appear so. The accounts show more than three main characters like AICN says. Hit the jump for more.

So yeah, there’s that. What AICN doesn’t have is the supposed ending to the movie. Several Cloverfield fansites have popped up since the trailer was released, these sites generally post speculation and some fan created youtube videos, others condense the useful information and report it when they can. One of these fansites is a live journal plainly called 1-18-08. The a few weeks ago they released some videos and a few pictures of a Paramount movie being filmed in central park titled “Cheese”. The movie they were filming is speculated to be Cloverfield, and was, strangely enough, not being filmed with a handheld camera. The scene shows two characters, indicating many of the other characters have since died, under a bridge. They’re bloodied, dirty, and in the dark. It’s impossible to know what they’re saying, but we see them talking, then a tarp falls in front of them and the camera. This has been speculated many ways. It’s been seen as a fake scene made by National Lampoon, a set up by Paramount to confuse people, something completely unrelated, and it’s been seen as the ending to the movie.

So there we go. A bunch of rumors, some more reliable than others, but rumors nonetheless. I’ll try to get more news to you as it develops, even get a video put in here about the actual final scene if I can.

[Via Sources: AICN, and Live Journal]

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